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Major Events

Firestone is different from other camps. We host Cub Scout and Scout BSA events year round! Each event is staffed with perfectly trained volunteers that are ready to put a smile on your Scouts face. 

Rocket Academy

We are going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship, zooming through the sky! We are welcoming Cub Scouts and their families to shoot rockets into space and enjoy the many fun games available for the weekend. Cub Scouts will be able to participate in the fun games all day, ending the night under the stars with a movie! Come have an out of this world experience and help us reach new heights. 

Rocket Academy.jpg


Join us for a SPOOKtacular time here in Monster Land, where all of the Monster Mash Festivities will take place! This is a Cub Scout themed event for Cub Scouts and their families to have some Halloween fun! All Cub Scouts will have to opportunity to dress up in a costume, go trick or treating, and watch a movie!

Pumpkin Smash

Have you ever asked yourself how many times you can destroy a left over Halloween pumpkin? Like shoot one with an arrow! Blast one with a shotgun! Split one with a tomahawk! Bust one with a baseball bat! And SO MUCH more! This is an all weekend camping event for Scouts and their families. All chefs will have to opportunity to participate in a scored pumpkin cook-off as well! 

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