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  • Am I allowed to request a campsite?
    Campsite requests are taken into consideration upon booking. Final campsite placement is at the discretion of the Ranger. Placement is based on availability and the needs of Camp.
  • Does Firestone provide camping gear?
    All units/campers are to provide their own camping tents, equipment, gear and meals.
  • Are pets allowed at Firestone?
    No pets are allowed in camp. No exceptions!
  • What is the speed limit at camp?
    The speed limit in camp is 15mph in the Cubland area and 25mph in the Scout World area.
  • What time do the camp gates close?
    The security gate closes at 9:00 pm to enter the camp. You can exit the camp at any time.
  • What time does check-in begin?
    Check-in beings at 4pm on Fridays and the last check-in should happen no later than 8pm.
  • What time is check-out on Sunday?
    Check-out is no later than 11:30am on Sunday morning. That means all kids must be picked up and the campsite must be clean by that time.
  • What happens if our unit leaves trash at our campsite?
    Please bring plenty of trash bags to bag and dispose of your trash. Additionally, please take all your trash with you when you leave camp. We are a pack in, pack out facility. There will be a clean-up fee for any site that does not adhere to "leave no trace."
  • What does our unit do if an emergency arises in the middle of the night?
    Should an emergency arise in the middle of the night, the Ranger lives on property and should be contacted.
  • Is there any cell phone reception at camp?
    Depending on your service provider, reception is very limited or not available at camp. Should an emergency arise, you may use the landline located in the Trading Post office.
  • Can I bring my RV out to camp?
    If you wish to bring your RV on property you MUST have prior written approval from the Ranger or you will not be able to enter camp; additional fees may apply. There are no RV electrical, water, or sewer hookups available at camp.
  • Are vehicles or trailers allowed to park in the campsite?
    There is no vehicle parking in any campsite. All troop trailers must be dropped to be used in the campsite. Every campsite comes with a parking area that adequately reflects the capacity of the site. All vehicles must be backed-in per National policy.
  • Are there any potable water spigots at camp?
    There is one or more potable water spigots in each campsite to service the entire site.
  • Is any member of my unit allowed to smoke while at camp?
    Firestone Scout Reservation is a no smoking/vaping facility.
  • Is my unit allowed to have a wood fire?
    No wood or ground fires are allowed at Firestone Scout Reservation per the Orange County Fire Authority. Only charcoal and propane fires are allowed.

We hope that these answer some of your questions. We know as your reservation gets closer, more will arise. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time and we will be happy to help however we can.

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